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  • Manage Invoices & Estimates

    BillingServ allows users to create, track, send invoices or estimates for any purpose. Whether this be billed per hour, a subscription-based service or a one off package.

  • Send powerful Email Campaigns

    With BillingServ you can create a Lead Group which enables you to send a newsletter to all your customers. You can also post your latest news via our simple control panel, which will show up in your customers account when they login.

  • Selling your Products & Services

    BillingServ uses web based order forms which allows your customers to signup and checkout. Simply create a package, then copy the link to a buy now button on your website.

  • Powerful Reporting

    BillingServ provides powerful reports, it will tell you what your customers are buying and how often. It also provides up to date reporting for the year and preivous years. You can also download all invoices and accounting to an excel spreedsheet which will keep your accountant happy.

  • Integrates with any website

    You can seamlessly integrate the order forms into any existing website. You have full control over the header/footer section and CSS Stylesheet enabling you to design your ordering process the way you want it, using your own brand, from your own website. Custom domain names are also available meaning your order form can be on a URL of your choice.

  • Sell Digital Downloads

    As well as being able to sell services and subscriptions, BillingServ enables you to sell digital downloads. This could be a .zip file containing some software, a PDF, MP3, or simply some documentation to accompany the product. Once your customers have signed up using the web based order forms, they can login to their account and from there, review and download the file they have bought or subscribed too.

  • Automated payment reminders

    BillingServ enables you send automated payment reminders and optional late fees. Payment reminders are sent when an invoice is due. BillingServ enables you to suspend accounts for late payments after the requisite reminders have been sent out.

  • Automated Account Provisioning

    BillingServ enables you to link directly to cPanel/Plesk API’s for automated web hosting provisioning. Also selling a domain name or SSL Certificate through our eNom/OpenSRS and GeoTrust API’s allows it to be automatically registered for you.

  • Manage your Customers

    BillingServ allows you to manage every aspect of your customers accounts. It enables you to generate new invoices, see how many are overdue or which ones have been partially paid. You can also re-send login details, credit accounts, upgrade or downgrade an existing package and update the contact details or payment method all via one easy control panel.

  • Total control for your customers

    When your customers sign up to any of your services they will automatically be set up with their own ‘My Account’. This will enable them to log in securely to check the status of their orders, ammend their details and make payments towards any outstanding invoices.

  • Access for you and your Staff

    BillingServ enables you to setup accounts for other staff members. They can then access and provide support. You can also setup permissions for each staff account so ‘Staff Member A’ can see the customers and invoices tab, but ‘Staff Member B’ can only action the marketing section.

  • Provide Support

    Provide your customers with round the clock support via the ‘My Account’ sections built in support centre. Your customers can contact you directly via the support form and can even upload your own company logo.