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GDPR Policy

BaseServ Limited is committed to providing a secure hosting environment and transparency towards our customers, how we handle data and what data we collect.

All data is by default only accessible by staff at BaseServ Limited, unless we specify otherwise.

As long as you’re a customer of BaseServ Limited, we log data such as your name, address, email address and telephone number. We also log your customer data, such as their name, address, phone number, email address, IP Address and last 4 digits of their card numbers. We also log login requests to various systems you access within the BaseServ Limited environments.

In case you agree to our data policy, the agreement is valid for the period you’re a customer of BaseServ and has existing products with us.

Information such as invoices issued to you as a customer is kept even after terminating the products or ending your time as a customer at BaseServ Limited. You can, however, change your contact details to something “random” at our Client Area. In case you need a random email added to your account, please let us know by contacting support@baseserv.com.

If you would like your account fully deleted you will need to email our DPA Team by emailing dpa-support@baseserv.com.

Below you will find different sections regarding the various products and tools we use as a company to function; you can click each title to read more:

We log and maintain your client’s data, we store their addresses, email address, phone number, company details, IP Address and login information. This is all stored in our secure databases.

We also save transaction details, such as price, line items, qty, addresses, payment details, transaction details, IP Addresses and sometimes recurring payment details.

When sending emails, the emails get sent via an external SMTP relay called Mailgun – Mailgun is an outgoing SMTP Relay solution used to send our invoices, account emails and password resets.

The Mailgun software stores sender address, the receiver address and the email subject of individual emails.

If you want to prevent transmitting any data via Mailgun, we advise you to use an alternative outgoing mail-server than ours.

Our databases are secured to make sure your data is safe. Only our server engineers have access to the database servers. No one on our staff have access to your data. This is all hosted on our encrypted servers.

Databases are permanently stored and are only removed once the customer deletes their BillingServ Account, the customer gets terminated, or you request our BaseServ Limited Support Staff.

Access logs and error logs only available to the BaseServ Limited staff.

There’s no defined rotation policy for access or FTP logs; data gets removed during account termination or cleaned up by staff on a regular interval. Customers can contact BaseServ Limited’s support department to request deletion of the logs.

Backups are stored on external backup servers managed by BaseServ Limited; data is backed up over a secure connection and is stored in encrypted storage which our staff can restore if you contact our support team at support@baseserv.com.

Backups include all data, including business data (Logos, images and invoices) databases, cronjobs, DNS zones, account statistics.

Backups do get rotated out automatically after termination of your account within one month or less.

In case you use our support, you at the same time have to agree our support department accessing the required information about your account to resolve the issue.

We might require access to files (web files, emails, cache files), databases, logs, backups, statistics and/or IP information about logged in accounts.

In case you do not allow us to access any of the data, be aware that resolution of your problem might get prolonged or not possible to resolve.

When you create a support ticket, ticket information gets stored in our support software (support.baseserv.com) indefinitely and temporary for less than 24 hours on our Email provider (GSuite).

Any emails coming from our support system gets sent via GSuite via secure connections.

Requesting deletion of data from our ticketing system requires you to contact support@baseserv.com.

We are partnered with a variety of Payment Gateways. When one of your clients checks out on our platform some of their personal data is shared with these third party payment gateways.

PayPal: We use the PayPal Standard & Pro API’s to facilitate payments on your behalf. We send the clients name, address, email address, phone number and the purchase amount.

WorldPay: We use the WorldPay UK/US API’s to facilitate payments on your behalf. We send the clients name, address, email address, phone number and the purchase amount.

Stripe: We use the Stripe API’s to facilitate payments on your behalf. We send the clients name, address, email address, phone number and the purchase amount.

PYMTPro: We use our sister companies (PYMTPro) UK/US API’s to facilitate payments on your behalf. We do not send your clients name, address, email address, phone number or contact information. We only send the purchase amount via the API’s.

BluePay: Is only available for US Customers.

Merchant Focus: Is only available for US Customers.

GoCardless: We use the GoCardless API’s to facilitate payments on your behalf. We send the clients name, address, email address, phone number and the purchase amount.

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