BillingServ V2 New Feature – PYMTPro

We recently released some news about our new upcoming version of BillingServ, V2. We promised that we would start blogging more about some of the exciting features that are being released in V2.

One of our new features being released in BillingServ V2 is https://pymtpro.com/, our very own cryptocurrency payment gateway. With the feedback we received from our users, we thought it was best to build our own payment gateway, instead of having to maintain our current integrations.

You can accept Bitcoin, Ion and Litecoin to begin with. We are expanding the coin list while we launch V2. PYMTPro has some fantastic processing fees, the gateway will only take 0.75% + transfer fee of any transaction.

PYMTPro has been fully integrated into BillingServ V2 which will allow you to setup products/services and or send invoices and receive full payment via one of our supported cryptocurrencies.

We designed PYMTPro to be fully compatible with BillingServ V2, all you need to do is to sign up at https://pymtpro.com/ retrieve your API keys and add them into your BillingServ Account. That’s it quick, simple and hassle free.

Worried about the Bitcoin processing time? Don’t be as our system is designed to update your invoice once the Bitcoin has hit your PYMTPro wallet. Your clients can even see it processing in real time.

That’s just one of the few awesome features that are being released in V2. Keep checking this blog and our social media to be kept up to date on all things BillingServ V2.

All the best,
The BillingServ Team

Accept ION and Bitcoin Via BillingServ!

Here at BillingServ we are glad to announce that we have been working hard to bring BillingServ 2.0 which will allow you to accept payments via ION and Bitcoin (More will be added during the rest of the year).

With BillingServ 2.0 you can now create invoices, sell products and services. We built V2.0 to allow any sized business in any sector to quickly get up and running, saving time to do what matters most, running your business.

BillingServ V2.0 will be releasing within the next few weeks. We are currently in beta phase and working to our release date. We are giving a 10% Discount off the current prices. If you would like to receive this discount please use BSV1 and you will receive 10% off.

**About BillingServ**

BillingServ is an Online Billing Platform providing any business with increased ease of billing, cut costs and increase stability as BillingServ is hosted in the cloud.

BillingServ software enables hosts, Telco’s and other businesses to sell their complete range of services through online invoicing for web hosting, VPS, domain names, ssl certificates and more.

BillingServ launched February in 2014. Today more than 500 businesses in 65 countries use BillingServ as an online billing platform. BillingServ has 25 staff across the EU, US and Asia with its headquarters located in the UK.

For more information visit https://www.billingserv.com

Streamline Your Business Operation With BillingServ and BluePay

We’ve coupled BluePay’s secure payment solution with illingServ’s user-friendly online ordering and invoicing platform, combined to offer easy payment acceptance directly through the BillingServ interface.

BillingServ’s multi-level account structure integrates with any website and is feature-rich with easy invoice creation, customisation options, unique user permissions, extensive reporting, and secure payment options.

Accept transactions securely using the latest tokenisation technology. BluePay’s payment solutions exist directly within your BillingServ platform, eliminating the need to transfer payment data between different interfaces, while reducing double data entry and keying errors. With BluePay, you can rest assured that your customers’ sensitive payment data remains secure and protected.

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