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What’s going on at BillingServ?

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months working on our newest version of BillingServ. It’s been a lot of hard work, V1 and V2 are completely different systems. As you may know we decided to rebuild BillingServ V2 from the ground up. We have learnt from our mistakes, lack of scalability and features. BillingServ V2 has grown up to be a much superior product.

We are proud of what we’ve built, BillingServ V2 performs more quickly, is easier to use and provides a truly hassle-free experience. You can now send an invoice to a client in under 30 seconds, receive payments earlier and have access to better accounting.

Lots of changes have been happening here. We’ve hired a new team of developers to speed up development, we’ve been working towards our ISO 27001 and have become GDPR Compliant.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing our importer for our clients currently on V1. Once we’ve released our importer you will be able to import all your clients, products, invoices and settings into V2. This has taken longer than we originally thought. A lot of hard work has gone into our systems to make sure everything is smooth as possible for our clients.

Once you’ve swapped over to your brand new BillingServ V2 platform, you will have noticed everything is completely different. In terms of looks, speed and features. We wanted to make sure V2 could be used by any business in any sector. BillingServ is no longer just a web hosting billing platform.

I want to promise you that we will never stop developing our product. We will always make sure we are building features that will make running your business smoother and simpler.

Just one more thing, working towards our ISO 27001 helps us to make sure we are always secure and complaint, making sure our clients data is safe at all times.

Keep an eye on this blog and website, as I will be keeping you updated on our progress.

Thank you for sticking with us, the wait will be worth it.

All the best,

Jordan & the BillingServ Team.

BillingServ Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards in FinancesOnline.com Review

BillingServ is proud to receive the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for the same year. With the overwhelming customer satisfaction, BillingServ has been developed with the idea to simplify invoicing and billing so businesses can focus on what really matters – building their business further without the hassle or time of having to create invoices.

We are happy to announce that FinancesOnline not only just give us these two awards but also listed us 53 out of 200 under the billing and invoicing software category. In [their review](https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/billingserv/) we were given 100% user satisfaction and overall score of 8 out of 10. Our product was also listed in the top 10 accounting software solutions.

The Great User Experience Award for the [invoicing software](https://accounting-software.financesonline.com/c/billing-and-invoicing) category is usually given to products contributing tremendously to the quality of user experience. The product is evaluated based on how easy it is in terms of usability and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

The 2017 Rising Star Award is given to the new product in the market which not only are getting good traction with the customers but are viewed as really efficient despite its young age. The experts at FinancesOnline were really impressed with our product and user satisfaction level, and mentioned us in their [list of accounting software](https://accounting-software.financesonline.com/top-10-accounting-erp-software-services/) solutions.

We hope to continue providing the best invoicing solution to businesses and to make them more efficient. We are extremely happy to receive two of the prestigious awards from one of the most popular business review sites.

BillingServ is an online invoicing service allowing any sized business to send invoices electronically, receiving payments online, without the hassle of printing and posting.

Thanks from all of us here at BillingServ

BillingServ V2 is Launching Wednesday 1st March

We are proud to announce that BillingServ V2 is releasing this Wednesday the 1st of March. It’s been a tough year to completely rebuild BillingServ from the ground up.

We learnt a lot building V1 and applied that to V2.

We’ve built some strong partnerships with over the last year, BluePay, WorldPay, Marchant Focus and many more. Which will help our clients access better payment gateways lowering costs and making sure your business stays strong throughout 2017.

We are really excited to get the new version of BillingServ Released, a few things are going to happen when V2 is released.

Exciting customers will need to sign up to the new platform, all our current customers will be emailed when the new system is live. You will then be able to sign up for the new system, and login. Once you are logged in you will be able to import all your clients, invoices and packages to the new system. BillingServ V2 does have a new white label domain, we are moving away from *.onlineclientform.com to *.onlinebillingform.com.

When V1 has completely been shut down *.onlineclientform.com will be moved back over to V2 giving our clients a choice between two domains.

A lot has changed within the two versions. Brand new themes, fully mobile friendly, new packages, faster network, securer network and a truly global presence. We have over 15 PoPs around the world which will help you and your customers to access BillingServ quicker and with ease.

We will be continuing to post updates on our blog throughout the week,

From all the team at BillingServ, we look forward to showing you V2 and working with you soon.


Feature Spotlight V2: Stripe Recurring Billing

BillingServ V2 is nearly here, so we wanted to continue with the blog series of what’s coming in V2.

The next feature we would like to talk about is Stripe which is releasing in V2.

Stripe has been completely rewritten from the ground up, which means everything has been rebuilt with the latest API Changes.

[Stripe’s Recurring Billing](https://www.billingserv.com/stripe/) combined with BillingServ allows you to focus on what matters – your business. Setup packages within BillingServ and allow Stripe and BillingServ to take care of the billing each month.

This allows you to completely be in control, while making sure you are focusing on more important things. Keep the money flowing whilst you are selling.

We wanted to make sure that any sized business in any sector can use [BillingServ](https://www.billingserv.com/) V2 with ease, thats why stripe combined with BillingServ is a match made in heaven!

**About Stripe**

Stripe is the best way to accept payments online and in mobile apps. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

**About BillingServ**

BillingServ is an Online Billing Platform providing any business with increased ease of billing, cut costs and increase stability as BillingServ is hosted in the cloud.

BillingServ software enables hosts, Telco’s and other businesses to sell their complete range of services through online invoicing for web hosting, VPS, domain names, ssl certificates and more.

BillingServ launched February in 2014. Today more than 500 businesses in 65 countries use BillingServ as an online billing platform. BillingServ has 25 staff across the EU, US and Asia with its headquarters located in the UK.

For more information visit https://www.billingserv.com

Feature Spotlight V2: GoCardless

BillingServ V2 is just around the corner, we are so excited to get BillingServ Released to all our clients.

The next feature we would like to talk about is GoCardless which is releasing in V2.

GoCardless allows any sized business to accept Direct Debits via BillingServ, setup clients and bill them via GoCardless and receive the money in your bank every month via Direct Debit.

GoCardless charges a 1% Per transaction, capped at £2 processing fee. So if you bill a client for £25,000 per month you would only pay £2 per month for the Direct Debit. Thats not bad at all!

**About GoCardless**

We’re building the payments network for the internet. Join us.

Since GoCardless was set up in 2011, we have been focussed on simplifying Direct Debit and opening up access to companies who could never previously use it. We already process over $1bn each year for thousands of businesses, and we are growing fast.

We work with a huge range of organisations: small gyms and scout groups use us to reduce admin; fast growing companies like Funding Circle use us to power their growth; established institutions like the Financial Times use us to dramatically reduce failure rates.

**About BillingServ**

BillingServ is an Online Billing Platform providing any business with increased ease of billing, cut costs and increase stability as BillingServ is hosted in the cloud.

BillingServ software enables hosts, Telco’s and other businesses to sell their complete range of services through online invoicing for web hosting, VPS, domain names, ssl certificates and more.

BillingServ launched February in 2014. Today more than 500 businesses in 65 countries use BillingServ as an online billing platform. BillingServ has 25 staff across the EU, US and Asia with its headquarters located in the UK.

For more information visit https://www.billingserv.com

Feature Spotlight V2: New Client Dashboard

Today’s Feature Spotlight focuses on the new client dashboard that was added into BillingServ V2. The new dashboard is feature rich, fully mobile friendly and has added features.

With the new dashboard view, your clients will be able to see a greater picture of their accounts. See outstanding invoices, support tickets, order services and much more. Take a look at the below sneak peak at the new dashboard.

![BillingServ V2 New Customer Dashboard](/content/images/2016/08/dashboard.png)

More details of BillingServ V2 will be releasing over the next few weeks. BillingServ V2 has now entered Beta Testing Stage. As soon as we are happy with the results we will be releasing BillingServ to our current and new clients.

Watch this space for more details on BillingServ V2.

All the best,

BillingServ version 2.0 is coming!

When development on Version 2.0 of BillingServ began, we set ourselves some very ambitious goals.

We set out to completely rewrite BillingServ to make it even easier to use and decided this was the route to take, instead of just building on our existing platform.

That’s why BillingServ V2.0 is a completely different product, we don’t want to just focus on the Web Hosting and Development side of things anymore. Any sized company in any sector can now truly use our platform for selling or invoicing.

BillingServ V2.0 is our biggest change yet; its a huge deal for us and we’re confident you’ll love the results.

We’ve been hard at work over the last 6 months building V2.0 – with considerable investment in new code and technologies allowing us to grow and expand easier. We set out to provide a better product which will improve the business users experience.

I just wanted to highlight a few features that we are most proud off.

We completely rebuilt the admin area and frontend, BillingServ is now completely mobile friendly. No need to download iPhone/Android Apps, just login via your mobile/tablet browser and get to work. We created the admin area to be fully responsive so you can continue running your business whether it be in an office, on a train or even a boat! BillingServ can now be used absolutely anywhere.

Next on the list for us was to bring BillingServ up to PHP7, all of our backend servers are now running PHP7. This allows us to provide a much more secure and noticeably faster billing platform. We even completely rebuilt our cloud servers for BillingServ V2.0 offering a much faster and securer service.

Last but not least, we built BillingServ V2.0 from the ground up to allow for faster coding, which means we will now be able to push out new features and fixes much quicker. If you would like to see new features being added to BillingServ please login to your account and click the blue icon on the right side of the page.

This will help us to see what you would like to be included in BillingServ V2.0.

BillingServ V2.0 is not far away now. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting about what is being released in V2.0. Keep an eye out on our blog and social media to be kept updated. If you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter then please sign up.

All the best,

BillingServ Guarantees 100% Uptime for Small Businesses and Hosting Companies in Need of Dependable Cloud-Based Billing Services!

OpenStack-Powered DreamCompute enables this international SaaS provider to keep its promises and get the bills in on time.

Delivering software as a service requires no shortage of computing muscle, especially when you have a global client base that demands 100% uptime. For this task, UK-based billing services provider BillingServ has utilized OpenStack-based cloud services, first from OpenStack co-founder Rackspace, and currently from major OpenStack contributor DreamHost. Clients worldwide use BillingServ’s cloud-based software to handle their billing needs, submitting invoices and taking payments online with total dependability.

“We have to guarantee 100% uptime, because if our platform became unavailable our clients would be unable to take payments,” said Jordan Smith, Director at BillingServ. “Everyone likes getting paid, but for our clients it’s an essential piece of their operations. The OpenStack-powered solutions supporting our platform allow us to offer total peace of mind to our clients, so they can count the availability of their billing services as a given and put their focus on the rest of their business.”

With their OpenStack solution, BillingServ is able to achieve a load balanced server environment around the world so that any single node can withstand an influx of activity, and servers are replicated five or six times with instances located in five or six different countries. While BillingServ’s top three markets are in the United States, United Kingdom, and France, the company serves clients across the European Union and in Asia as well. DreamHost products now used by BillingServ include DreamCompute, the company’s OpenStack-powered cloud computing solution, and DreamObjects, a Ceph-based, OpenStack-compatible solution for cloud storage. Through DreamCompute, BillingServ is enabled to produce unlimited, scalable virtual cloud servers on-demand as the needs of clients require. DreamObjects provides BillingServ with reliable redundant cloud storage which delivers content via the nearest geographical server and is massively scalable as needed. BillingServ uses these DreamHost solutions throughout the United States, and relies upon other OpenStack-based clouds as well, while in Europe it uses services by Amazon EC2.

“We chose an OpenStack solution because we recognized the resiliency it could instill in our operations,” said Smith when asked how BillingServ arrived at the open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform. “But the truth of the matter is that we originally made our selection because we received a free year of service from Rackspace, and we liked it. Following that we transitioned to DreamHost. The switch was painless. We used GitHub, moving the database was just another command, and DreamCompute has an OpenStack portal, it all took about two hours. The price differential is notable, and while it’s true that we don’t get the same level of fanatical support since DreamHost’s service is unmanaged, we like that. We also like their DreamObjects storage service a lot: it’s better than Amazon S3.”

BillingServ uses DreamCompute and DreamObjects to run their rather complex and hardware-taxing SaaS platform – which includes app and storage layers in addition to their DreamObjects implementation. The company’s main app server is located in the U.S., a private network database server replicated and load balanced worldwide to ensure their 100% uptime promise. In order to handle the manage technical complexity of deployments across multiple hybrid clouds, BillingServ has a team of server engineers tasked with monitoring these servers. They have also implemented a load balancer, so that if anything happens to a particular cloud server, users will be switched to another within five seconds (resulting in mere seconds of downtime or none at all).

“We use OpenStack quite a lot,” Smith said. “In fact, the only cloud we have that isn’t Openstack is in Asia; it’s nine out of ten. One of the real difference-makers for OpenStack is that we can click a button and have a virtual server spun up in just two minutes. Some other solutions can take eight to ten minutes, and that can feel like a real delay, not what we were looking for in our business. With OpenStack, a total server install takes just half an hour, and it’s up and ready to use.”

BillingServ is proud of its platform, and looks forward to leveraging OpenStack’s advantages as it extends its services to new clients globally.

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