Crypto you say? Say hello to CoinGate

When we built our own crypto payment gateway back when we first started, it only had one thing in mind, taking payments in crypto and then sending that crypto to the users' wallet, but as time has moved on, we needed something more, so we retired our old payment gateway.

We started to see people request crypto to fiat conversions, which wasn't possible with our in-house payment gateway, so we started looking for another gateway that could just do that; welcome to CoinGate, which is now fully integrated with BillingServ, accept many different cryptocurrencies and receive them converted straight into your bank account, what more could you want?

Launched in v2.2.3, CoinGate will help you tap into a new segment of users who want to pay in crypto, opening you up to more users, streamlining your business further, and increasing your sales.

A signup link will be within your panel if you would like to sign up and try CoinGate, it's very easy to get started, verify yourself, along with your business and away you go, enter your API details, and you're all set up for accepting crypto for your invoices/services.

We will continue expanding upon our payment gateways to make sure everyone has a solution fit for their business; watch this space.