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BillingServ V2 is Launching Wednesday 1st March

We are proud to announce that BillingServ V2 is releasing this Wednesday the 1st of March. It’s been a tough year to completely rebuild BillingServ from the ground up.

We learnt a lot building V1 and applied that to V2.

We’ve built some strong partnerships with over the last year, BluePay, WorldPay, Marchant Focus and many more. Which will help our clients access better payment gateways lowering costs and making sure your business stays strong throughout 2017.

We are really excited to get the new version of BillingServ Released, a few things are going to happen when V2 is released.

Exciting customers will need to sign up to the new platform, all our current customers will be emailed when the new system is live. You will then be able to sign up for the new system, and login. Once you are logged in you will be able to import all your clients, invoices and packages to the new system. BillingServ V2 does have a new white label domain, we are moving away from *.onlineclientform.com to *.onlinebillingform.com.

When V1 has completely been shut down *.onlineclientform.com will be moved back over to V2 giving our clients a choice between two domains.

A lot has changed within the two versions. Brand new themes, fully mobile friendly, new packages, faster network, securer network and a truly global presence. We have over 15 PoPs around the world which will help you and your customers to access BillingServ quicker and with ease.

We will be continuing to post updates on our blog throughout the week,

From all the team at BillingServ, we look forward to showing you V2 and working with you soon.


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