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Feature Spotlight V2: New Client Dashboard

Today’s Feature Spotlight focuses on the new client dashboard that was added into BillingServ V2. The new dashboard is feature rich, fully mobile friendly and has added features.

With the new dashboard view, your clients will be able to see a greater picture of their accounts. See outstanding invoices, support tickets, order services and much more. Take a look at the below sneak peak at the new dashboard.

![BillingServ V2 New Customer Dashboard](/content/images/2016/08/dashboard.png)

More details of BillingServ V2 will be releasing over the next few weeks. BillingServ V2 has now entered Beta Testing Stage. As soon as we are happy with the results we will be releasing BillingServ to our current and new clients.

Watch this space for more details on BillingServ V2.

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