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BillingServ V2 New Feature – PYMTPro

We recently released some news about our new upcoming version of BillingServ, V2. We promised that we would start blogging more about some of the exciting features that are being released in V2.

One of our new features being released in BillingServ V2 is https://pymtpro.com/, our very own cryptocurrency payment gateway. With the feedback we received from our users, we thought it was best to build our own payment gateway, instead of having to maintain our current integrations.

You can accept Bitcoin, Ion and Litecoin to begin with. We are expanding the coin list while we launch V2. PYMTPro has some fantastic processing fees, the gateway will only take 0.75% + transfer fee of any transaction.

PYMTPro has been fully integrated into BillingServ V2 which will allow you to setup products/services and or send invoices and receive full payment via one of our supported cryptocurrencies.

We designed PYMTPro to be fully compatible with BillingServ V2, all you need to do is to sign up at https://pymtpro.com/ retrieve your API keys and add them into your BillingServ Account. That’s it quick, simple and hassle free.

Worried about the Bitcoin processing time? Don’t be as our system is designed to update your invoice once the Bitcoin has hit your PYMTPro wallet. Your clients can even see it processing in real time.

That’s just one of the few awesome features that are being released in V2. Keep checking this blog and our social media to be kept up to date on all things BillingServ V2.

All the best,
The BillingServ Team

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